Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love/Hate Wednesday

Yes, I totally missed the last love/hate Wednesday. I meant to schedule one in advance, I swear, but...I didn't, and did this instead:


Leaving books in tiny hotel libraries on vacation! (Because every library should have a heaving bosoms novel.)

Author tip: going on vacation? Bring your book with you and leave one for foreign travelers to enjoy! You might just gain a reader.


Feeling behind on reading and responses. AGAIN. (Does that EVER go away?)


  1. Wow. How did you know the tiger could be trusted? How do you go back to reading after a vacation like that?


  2. Love your short haircut! So cute!

  3. Yeah. I'm so with you. Leave books in youth hostels, hotels and train stations. I've been to many wonderful places in Asia and found myself without a good novel. How awesome it is to discover a book thoughtfully left behind.