Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guest Post: From Pitch to Sale

Ok, I have totally been neglecting my blog and I know it. I spent a month stressing over a guest post I agreed to write (which is really silly, since...I write posts all the time) that sucked up all my time. Among other things.

Anyway, check it out:

I can’t speak for all agents; this business is as subjective as it is variable. But I thought it might be interesting to shed some light on how things work as I see them in the writing world, from first look to sale. So, here it is – what happens from the moment a writer hits SEND on that query letter…

I usually know from the first paragraph of a pitch if I’m going to turn to sample pages in a query.

What grabs my attention: a unique angle (or hook) in a genre I represent, with elements I love (i.e., a dark tragic historical YA, gothic steampunk, or sensual and funny historical romance). Something I haven’t already seen 100 of that week....


And in case you wonder what happens from sale to shelf - the amazing Liz Pelletier of Entangled talks about that here (and yes, that is a picture of me with wine at the bottom of the article).


  1. Just checked it out. I love the specifics you gave! It's always something I'm sure every writer wonders. What exactly do agents look for in a query and how does it progress from there? And I'm sure it varies per agent, so I'm glad you shared your insights!! :D

  2. We loved your article. Thanks for your time, we would love to have you again.

    Hebah Abdelqader

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  4. Hi Natalie--just saw that your blog is listed as one of the industry's best in the latest Writer's Digest magazine. I've been popping by for a few months and completely agree. You share great info in an encouraging way. Thanks for giving us an inside look at "agentland" and congratulations on being recognized by Writer's Digest!

  5. Excellent advice that fits for any genre! I'd like to see what else you have to offer, since you are becoming increasingly popular - or so it seems. :)

  6. Very cool guest post! I really enjoyed reading it!