Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love/Hate Wednesday



You know, just in case it like, wasn't obvious. I also decided that there is an alarming lack of lolcats on my blog which needed to be remedied immediately.

And by the way, stripey cats are my favorite.

my stripey cat


Having to reject awesome premises that don't hold up in execution.

My intern asked me the other day how often I read something that sounds really great, but just isn't quite there in the writing. The answer is: A LOT.

So don't f up. Don't rush a fabulous premise - but also don't be afraid to take the bits that people love...and write a new story!! Starting over can also be the best thing for your book.

I know I just had my post on revisionitis, so I'm not trying to make your head spin now by saying "Get it out there! But don't rush! Go! Stop!" I gave my ideas on problematic revising behavior below, but you should definitely still always go over it several times and get feedback before sending it out there!


  1. I just got shamed by your post over at Route 19, because I tend to follow interesting people around the internet but not to engage or comment, so here goes.

    Thanks for this! The cats made my day, and the Hate was very relevant to an internal argument I've had about a novel I want to write, but don't feel like I can do justice to quite yet. I appreciate your willingness to put up your thoughts. They're always pretty spot on with what is on my mind.

  2. Thanks Kimberly! Now that wasn't so hard was it... ;)