Thursday, June 7, 2018

Breaking Down 2017

Ok folks! I'm done incubating kids, and so excited to get back to fully dedicated agent time! I've JUST re-opened to submissions, and thought I'd finally share my last year's stats post!

Here's how my agent life stacked up in numbers for 2017:

Queries (unsolicited) rec’d:

Request rates (based on above):

Requested genres by number:

Hot buttons: humor, science, adventure, mystery, gritty, fantasy, assassins, poison, LGBT, gothic, romance, magical realism, #ownvoice, book club fiction, author/illustrator

Avg. response time: EONS

With being closed and preparing for leave, sadly, submissions fell very behind. But! No more! Promise!

Months with most queries: January- March

Months with most requests: Feb-April, June

Most active period of offering and signing: June-Oct

Happy querying! Here's some more info!

How to Submit to Me

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