Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Love/Hate Wednesday – Begins!

I’ve become quite horrid at updating my blog, and to try and add some fresh content more often than…once a month, I’m going to start a new bi-weekly column in which I’ll pick one thing I love, and one thing I hate, as an agent, and say why. Should be simple enough. Right?

I’ll also take email or comment requests for love/hate updates – i.e., prologues – love or hate?! So feel free to ask!

Let Love/Hate Wednesday…begin!


This post by Victoria Marini. I think breaking down what we deserve vs. what is coming out of entitlement is important for everyone – writers, agents, and editors included!


The question: How many clients do you have?

This is most often asked during “the call,” as it’s on all sorts of “things to ask a potential agent” lists. But I hate it, because I honestly never know what to say to this question, because I don’t think the answer to the question directly relates to anything you really want to know.

If I say a few, does that mean I have lots of time for you? Or if I say lots, does it prove I’m legit? How many is a lot? If I say 20, is that a few or a lot? If you interpret that as a few, does it mean I’m new, or that I’m selective, or is it a lot, meaning I’m not selective, or – or – why not just ask what you want to know rather than this question?!

I’m very open about my clients; You can view my full client roster here. And I can assure you, if I am offering representation, I’m very excited about your work, and I would not offer if I was not at a place that I have time to dedicate to you and all of my clients.


  1. The question in question ;-) is one that always appears when writers start thinking about trying to get an agent. In every article. On every website, or message board. Other writers tell you it's something you should ask agents. But, I see your point.

  2. I agree with the ...uselessness? of asking an agent how many clients they have. If the writer has researched before querying, shouldn't they already have a rough idea of the agent's client base? I suppose, unless it's a new agent who hasn't had any sales...

    I've skimmed over a few of those lists of 'questions to ask', and honestly, most of them seem like questions to ask just to make you (the writer) seem 'in the know' rather than ones I'd genuinely want to know the answers to.

    So what's a question (or questions) you think more potential clients should ask?