Thursday, January 2, 2014

Breaking Down 2013

Happy New Year!!

Here's how my agent life stacked up in numbers for 2013:

Queries (unsolicited) rec’d: 2,244

Request rates (based on above):

Partial: 2.9%
Full: 1.6%
Offers: .4%

This means, roughly, that I request a partial three times out of every 100, a full twice out of every 100, and offer on less than 1 out of every 100 queries I receive.

In case the above is too depressing, once I do make a request:

  • I am 12% likely to end up offering when I request a partial
  • I am 56% likely to request the full from a partial
  • I am 21.6% likely to make an offer on a full request

So wow me with your query and get into my read pile!!

Avg. response time:
Partial: 7 weeks
Full: 8 weeks

I was surprised to see this, until I realized how I'm reading: I read in order (unless there's a deadline or I'm super excited...), regardless of whether it's a partial or a full (I do prioritize client work). Methinks I need to adjust the read times posted on my blog!

R&R’s requested: 9
Offers from R&Rs: 1

Four of these R&R's have yet to come back my way, however, and one is in that I haven't read yet. So, it's really more of a 1:4 ratio for offers from R&R.

Months with most requests: January, February, September

Months with most queries: January, February, July, September and November

Most active period of offering and signing: May-June

Offers: 8
Signed: 5

My agent resolution: increase turnaround time (to respond) on requests and edits

For more insight into Bradford Lit and agent stats, check out my agent-sister Sarah LaPolla's post here on her 2013 in Queries - it's a pretty kick a** post!

Cheers to an AMAZING 2014!