Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love/Hate Wednesday


My clients. I know it was just #agentsday, but truly, I wouldn't be who or where I am without all of my fabulous clients!


When writers pretend to have an offer of representation so that I'll read faster.

Oh yes, this happens. And guess what? I also have lots of agent friends and...we ALL know when this happens, because we totally talk to one another. Trust me: you do this, and you set yourself up for failure. You'll get a faster response, sure...but just a faster "no."

Agent Jennifer Laughran wrote a great post all about this, and offer of representation etiquette you should check out!


  1. Holy guacamole!!! SERIOUSLY? I'm totally astonished that anyone would ever be so stupid as to fake having an offer of representation! Gravy, I'm just stupefied. I'd say those writers deserve the fast track to nowhere land for that odious indiscretion.

  2. This blog comment got fifty offers. What say you?