Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Love/Hate Wednesday



I'd say one of the first things (if not the first) I look for in a submission; I'll read the first paragraph and see if it's engaging me voice-wise, and know I want to read more. Here's a throwback, and another, to a few posts I wrote all about it!

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Unsolicited Twitter pitches.

Certainly, if I'm participating in a Twitter pitch event, it's a-ok to pitch there. Outside of that special event space, however, no way. It's pushy and smells of spam (yes, I mean junk mail, but you should also picture a stanky wave of SPAM wafting up to me from Twitter from each unsolicited Twitter pitch, because that is exactly the face I make when I see one).

Twitter is a powerful networking tool, and should absolutely be used to your marketing advantage - but in the right way. Don't ever be a spam-bot. I have submission guidelines for a reason.


  1. One possible epiphany I had last week is that an author should probably *know* if a work has a strong and engaging voice, long before a reader comments on it.

    Do you find it's easier (not to say easy; it's probably never easy) to sell books with Voice with a capital V?


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