Friday, August 28, 2015

Words of Wisdom from SCBWI LA

I've been struggling to get back into the post-writing groove for a few months now; I keep starting and scrapping posts, second-guessing myself and trying so hard to pick the perfect first new topic...

Forget it.

Writer's block: take THIS!

All you need to think about when writing a picture book:

"Would a child give a DAMN about this book?" ~Mem Fox, author

When laboring over the start of your novel, think:

"If you were my friend telling these first ten pages to me in the grocery store, how would you start? How would you tell me?" ~Jordan Brown, Walden Pond Press

When agonizing why your R&R didn't make the cut, just realize - it wasn't the best fit anyway, because an agent and editor will only take it on:

"If I have a clear vision on how to fix it, a clear vision for how to make it sing." ~Alison Weiss, SkyPony Press

And remember:

"Envy is a good emotion if it drives you to be better." ~Jordan Brown.

Images: lolcats from 1911

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  1. Sometimes cat memes really are THE THING for any kind of block! (:
    I think you nailed it. I enjoyed the quotes too. I'm working on something new and felt spurred on and inspired reading them. Thank you.