Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Love/Hate Wednesday


Meeting authors who are nice at an event.

This might seem pretty obvious; but it isn't! I've met plenty of authors who are pretty clearly tired and grumpy and/or a little too full of themselves to really give me the time of day.

I realize events are draining; trust me - I do them too!! But it REALLY makes a difference if you turn off a reader. I have stopped buying books from authors who were less than savory to meet in person; I don't support diva behavior.

Recently, I had a chance to meet Lisa Kleypas at RT - and HOLY COW TOLEDO was she lovely. Stood up, shook the hand of everyone she met, big, big smile, so very grateful to see you - made me SO much more excited for any of her next books, and excited about her as an author!

DO THIS. Yes, it may take a while if you do give attention to each person in line, but if they're waiting they really want to see you!

I don't care who you are as an author; your readers are important.


Non-publishing lawyers.

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when I have a potential client have a non-industry lawyer look over our agency agreement. Primarily, this is because a lawyer not familiar with the industry is likely to suggest changes to industry standards (like commission rate).

I absolutely have no issue with a third party looking over any agreement - you just better make sure they know what they're talking about!!

Be sure to check out the AAR Canon of Ethics if that agency is a member; if they are, there are standards they will adhere to. (Though don't be put off if they aren't a member, either; here's a great post on that). If you have someone looking over the contract, and the agent responds with: sorry, this is standard, don't automatically feel like you're getting a bad deal - talk to others in the industry if you want to check if it's standard!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Announcement!

I have quite a few reasons for writing this post.

A. To announce that:

B. Which means, in case that isn't clear: I'm pregnant!

C. Which leads me to: you never know what's going on in an agent or editor's life. While I have always supported nudges after my reading period has passed, please don't go in all guns blazin' and accusatory. I nudge editors too, and it's always friendly; never want to burn bridges! Especially because, given this news:

D. My reading period has been and may continue to be slower (blog posts, particularly love/hate Wednesday, definitely became and will continue to be sporadic, too). My submission reading is all done on nights and weekends; recently, that time was taken up by fatigue (I think three naps a day and bed at 8 was my top glory moment) and routine prayer sessions to the porcelain goddess. In the future, it will be taken up by BABY.

This doesn't mean I don't care about submissions, or finding new clients; it just means I have to be realistic. I need to dedicate what time I have to my clients first.

E. In consideration of that, I will be closing to submissions starting October 1, 2014, through May 1, 2015, in order to fully focus on my clients before and after the leave.

F. I will respond to and consider all submissions sent before then (including any requests made before October). I will also still accept submissions sent from the two remaining conferences that I am attending this year - I made those commitments prior to baby and I will honor them. Otherwise, if I am your dream agent (der) just polish polish polish and submit in May!!

Let the latest adventure begin!