Thursday, January 24, 2019

Breaking Down 2018

Here's how my agent life stacked up in numbers for 2018:

Queries (unsolicited) rec’d:

Request rates (based on above):

Requested genres by number:

(oh, and I read 119 client texts last year, too! 60 of those were picture books)

Hot buttons: humor, science, adventure, mystery, gritty, fantasy, assassins, poison, LGBT, gothic, romance, magical realism, #ownvoice, book club fiction, author/illustrator

Avg. response time: 51 days (~7 weeks)

Months with most queries: June-July

Months with most requests: July & October

Most active period of offering and signing: June, August, Nov

(I was basically most active right after maternity leave, and again in the Fall)

I'm re-opening to submissions Feb 1, 2019.